High Tide Services

Site Assessments

Based on objective observations our site assessments identify the zones, sectors and factors that influence a particular site.  Then, through the process of integrated design we develop systems and management plans for our clients that are holistically inline with the site specific environmental conditions.

Systems Design

The passive, integration of human and natural environments is the key to finding a balance between ecological and economic systems.

  • Holistic Property Management Plans
  • Rainwater Catchment and Harvesting Systems
  • Food Forests
  • Systems Function Stacking

Ecological is Economical

  • Closing the loop through the utilization of on-site resources and complete systems integration.

Community Education

With a background in formal education we have the unique ability to empower our clients and community with the knowledge and skills to become better land stewards.

  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Permaculture Design Process
  • Holistic Land Management Presentations