High Tide Services

Permaculture-Based Restoration

Permaculture-Based restoration utilizes on-site resources to facilitate the remediation of disturbed habitats with little to no economic cost.  Most of our restoration prescriptions require only hand-tools, on-site woody debris and native plants.

Example projects:

  • Remediation of grading and development.
  • Oak Woodland habitat restoration.
  • Enhancement of riparian buffer zones.
  • Forest margins and wildlife corridors.

Systems Design

The passive, integration of human and natural environments is the key to finding a balance between ecological and economic systems.

  • Holistic Property Management Plans.
  • Rainwater Catchment and Harvesting Systems.
  • Islands of Refugia for agricultural systems.
  • Perennial Polycultures and Food Forests.

Ecological is Economical

  • Closing the loop through the utilization of on-site resources and complete systems integration.

Community Education

With a background in formal education we have the unique ability to empower our clients and community with the knowledge and skills to become better land stewards.

  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Permaculture Design Process
  • Holistic Land Management Presentations