Watershed COnscious Property News

Watershed Consciousness: Our Future Depends On It

Green Source Gardens is now a High Tide Permaculture certified Watershed Conscious Property.  Read the entire article at Oregon Cannabis Connection.

Certified Watershed Conscious Properties

Green Source Gardens

Green  Source Gardens is committed to creating rich diversity in our  soils  which in turn will grow the highest quality medicine possible.

Dream Quest Permaculture Garden

Dream Quest provides youth with vocational and creative opportunities to imagine and build their dreams.

Biovortex Farm

Biovortex  has been described as a biologically minded approach towards  regenerative solutions, a scientific and soulful appreciation for the  interrelated nature of all life and energy, an art project utilizing  plants, people, places, projects, photography, and  demonstrating the  effectiveness of ecodynamic gardening, building soil, transforming  waste, permaculture design, and environmental  consciousness!