Earth Genius

'Nab (sic) an earth genius like Dan Mar at High Tide Permaculture' ~Kathleen Bryson (Attorney)

Spot-On Information

'The more I share this Site Design for Cannabis Cultivation with consultants and others who help cannabis farmers build sustainable, ag compliant farms, the more I hear how spot-on the information is.' ~Allison Edrington (Here’s What a Watershed-Friendly Cannabis Farm Looks Like; The Ganjier.)

Understanding of How Water Moves

'When it comes to Permaculture he really knows his stuff, with a  particular excellence in the understanding of how water moves through a  landscape and how to redirect it to create more beautiful gardens and prevent erosion.  He is very passionate about permaculture and has inspired me to learn more about it.' ~Seth Geddes (Business Development Specialist and Social Enterprise Innovator)

Attributes of the Surrounding Environment

'Dan's work exemplifies his expertise and passion for permaculture.  Whether the project is big or small, Dan knows what qustions to ask and how to get the job done.  He has an amazing ability to incorporate both the needs of the client with the attributes of the surrounding environment.' ~Troy Perez (Nursery Manager, Samara Restoration)