Permaculture-Based Restoration


What is it?

Permaculture-Based restoration utilizes on-site resources to facilitate the remediation of disturbed habitats with little to no economic cost.  Most of our restoration prescriptions require only hand-tools, on-site woody debris and native plants.
Example projects:

  • Remediation of grading and development.
  • Oak Woodland habitat restoration.
  • Enhancement of riparian buffer zones.
  • Forest margins and wildlife corridors.


Why it works.

The use of on-site resources and mimicking the environmental patterns of ecologically healthy landscapes facilitates  natural processes.

  • Decreased runoff and storm water infiltration.
  • Recruitment of organic matter and development of topsoil.
  • Mature vertical diversity establishing canopy layers.
  • Supporting flora and fauna biodiversity.


How to get started.

  1. An assessments is made to determine the areas of concern.
  2. Design plans and timelines are established.
  3. Seasonally appropriate implementation occurs.