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Compliant Farms Certified

Compliant Farms Certified integrates the principles of adaptive watershed management with permaculture land and water use practices and cannabis farming techniques to create watershed sustainability.

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The Watershed Fund

The Watershed Fund supports collaborative, action-based projects that generate data to quantify improved resource use. The results can develop a replicable framework and inform decision making as  we transition to a regenerative model.

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Samara Restoration

Samara Restoration is dedicated to restoring native ecosystems of the  northern California bioregion through all phases of designing, growing,  and building.  With decades of ecological experience, our team works  with our clients to develop sustainable designs which connect people to  their local landscape. Our native plant nursery grows over 200  California native plant species and offers contract grows of any scale  to support the specific project needs. As licensed landscape  contractors, we build a variety of native ecosystems that support  environmental functions and human needs.

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